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Bakwas Marketing is one of the popular guest blogging websites, where you can become a guest contributor. If you want to submit guest post, please email your guest post content to Your completed blog should be sent to us as a Word Doc. You can send high-resolution images, which we can resize and use.

Please add, short author bio of yours including a maximum of one anchor text link to your own website. You can also mention in the author bio that you are a guest writer.

If your article meets our editorial guidelines and aligns with our content strategy, we will reply to you in 3 working days to let you know when your blog will be published. So, please do not send your blog to other websites being impatient. 

Even if we reject, your guest post submission, we will notify you via email and you are free to approach any other guest blogging website. The entire publishing process may take from 5 days to 15 days depending upon our workload. 

Guest blogging websites


Digital Marketing

All digital marketing topics which includes SEO, SMO, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click

Traditional Marketing

Any types of traditional marketing topics such as ATL or BTL including marketing strategy formation.

Web Designing

Tips to design a great website, logo designing, tutorials and How to dos.

Content Marketing

Guest blogging on Content writing techniques and tips, content marketing.


Guest blog topics on advertising topics like clients servicing, copywriting etc.

Marketing Courses

Any kind of blogs related to digital marketing courses in India are accepted.

How to Write for Us?

We are one among the few websites which accept guest blogs. However, all submissions must meet our quality standards in order to get published. We cannot allow you to republish your guest post to your own blog, LinkedIn, Medium, or any other 3rd party websites. If we spot the same, the backlink will be removed from our site and you will be banned from future submissions. For sponsored post, refund is possible only if the blogs is not published. For any kind of published blogs, there will be no refund. We grant 50% refund if your blog is not published on your request. 

Our team holds the right to edit and adapt your guest blog content as we may feel right. We do editing of all blogs received before publishing them on our website. Being a digital marketing company, we only accept guest postings related to marketing, so please don’t send content related to any other topics.

What Types of Content We Don't Accept?

  • Anything other than blogs on marketing
  • Any type of copied content        
  • Content with extensive grammatical errors
  • Anything that’s offensive or inaccurate.

Why Should You Publish Guest Blog Here?

  • All guest posts are promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Page 
  • All blogs are submitted on 3rd party Facebook groups that are relevant to the content
  • Posts are shared on platforms like Tumbler, Reddit etc.

Information on guest posting

Now that you are well aware about the guidelines of guest posting on, I am sharing some other guest blogging websites too, where you can publish your articles and blogs. There are hundreds of websites that accept guest blogs, but here I am mentioning some reputed ones.

These are some good guest writing websites, where you can submit your content. However, before submitting your blog you need to go through the website carefully and check if it is relevant for you. 

Guest blogging has been very quite popular in recent years as there are several benefits associated with it such as build high quality backlinks, enhance the brand image and also develop your identity as a qualified writer. Although, marketers and writers know the advantages of guest blogging, most do not get success in publishing their articles and blogs. You may get the chance of publishing your article in any website that accepts article submission but the website may not be of high quality. Lets discuss what things you should consider, while starting your guest blogging activities.

Create a list of all blogs in your niche:  You should first do a Google search and find all websites that accept guest submissions. You can easily do so by typing keywords like ‘best guest blogging websites’, ‘best guest posting websites’, ‘Free Blog Submission’ etc. Once you make the Google Search, you will see several search results being displayed in front of you. Now just visit each website and check the relevancy. Usually websites that accept guest blog would have sections like ‘Write for Us’ or ‘Guest Blog’. You can list down all relevant websites along with their contact email. 

Check the SEO Relevancy: Many guest blogging nowadays is for link building, which is not bad unless its relevant to your website and from a high quality site. If you want SEO benefit from guest blogging activities, check the domain authority of the website. The higher the domain authority, the better it is for your SEO. There are several websites, which offers free tools to check domain authority. You just need to enter the website URL and check. Small SEO Tools is a website where, you can check the DA and PA of any site. 

Approaching a Guest Blogging Website: Before sending a mail with your guest blog, it is very important to contact the editor of the website. You need to send him the topics on which you are interested in writing a blog. You can also ask him to let you know any topic of his choice. If you can send him few writing samples that may help him to judge your quality as many website owners are very much particular about the quality of content posted on their website. I recommend you to give a complete information about your background such as company in which you are working, your motive of sending the request etc. 

Differentiate between paid and free guest blogging website: Many website do not mention charges for publishing blogs but when you contact them, the webmaster may quote you some fees. However, before paying upfront, you should check if it will value you. Free websites take time to publish a post but you can get your blog published paying some dollars quickly. 




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