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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of enhancing the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex via natural or unpaid mediums. Using SEO, an organization can attain good quality organic leads and cost per leads remain very less, unlike paid leads. Running paid campaigns is a costly affair and most companies are unable to do so if they have a limited budget. Here, SEO services play a great role in generating low-cost quality leads.

What types of SEO Services do we provide?

Being a reputed SEO company, we provide different types of search engine optimization services for our clients based in across the globe. Our SEO solutions are broadly categorized under on-page and off page SEO. However, clients can opt for both or just choose anyone.

On-Page SEO:

Being a website owner, you should take on-age SEO very seriously as it is very important to present a healthy website to Google, which is free from errors. So we perform certain on page SEO activities to help clients improve their website. On-page SEO services offered by us includes Meta description & title optimization, interlinking of keywords, creating appropriate alt tags, URL restructuring, inserting LSI keywords, Site Map generation etc.

Off- Page SEO:

This is an important part of search engine optimization as it will help you gain backlinks, which are extremely useful for your website ranking. Our Off-page SEO Activities includes blog posting, forum posting, classified submission, Directory submission, Q & A to name a few.

Global SEO Services

Although our SEO firm serves clients globally, we have a strong service network and local presence in India & Canada. We also specialize in local SEO as well.

SEO Services in India

In India, we have our offices in New Delhi, where we offer dedicated services to our customers based across Delhi and NCR. We also cater to the requirements of our clients located in other cities in India.

SEO Services in Canada 

In Canada, we have a presence in Toronto, where our SEO professionals are able to take a complete brief of the clients and perform the activities accordingly. Our SEO services in Canada are at par in terms of quality.



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