What is the 2019 Traffic Strategy of Quora?

How to Use Quora

In Google, we find many answers to our questions but ever noticed the first answer to our question in most cases is on Quora. Questions have always played a vital role. By answering questions, we gain knowledge and endorse new ideas within ourselves. Answering questions one’s mind is broadened with new things.

In Quora, nearly every topic is available for all type of readers. It’s the best place to increase the knowledge in the desired field or can help people make better judgments by taking guidance from the specialist. Quora can make the things feasible which can’t be done comfortably/quickly anywhere else on the internet.

It’s like the instructor for people who endeavors to master new technologies or subjects. It’s a mechanism to connect with the people from around the world and huge community of answers seekers and people who love to share knowledge and answer the question.

Quora highlights great functionalities which permit users to share their valuable knowledge.

So what is Quora all about?

So, here is the answer to it, Quora is a Q&A site that enables internet users to create an account and post answers or
questions on the platform.

In short, we can also say, it is a leader in the Q&A category, In addition to that the site has 300 million monthly exchange hits, and it has 400,000 subjects. Quora is surely different from the other 20+ companies that have attempt Q&A,  as only a few sites have Q&A features that allow both producers and consumers of content to interact with complete freedom. Whereas others attempted and failed, Quora has succeeded in the attempt. Also not simply that, one can respectively manage the four major areas of notifications; topic related, questions related, answer related and user related. In “settings”, one can edit the adult content filter by switching it on or off, control privacy settings by making it invisible to search engines, or deactivate your account.

Now the second question that arises from here is from where does this traffic comes from? and
what is the strategy of quora to earn such traffic?

The site has traffic from many countries like India, USA, Spain, UK etc. to name a few.

Moving on to the next part of the same question which was how does Quora traffic strategy work?

That’s a very interesting question! Maybe at times, new users hesitate to try the platform because it looks a little complicated but it’s not so. You just have to create an account on Quora and can register via email address and providing name, birth date, and
other basic data. So now you are ready to ask a question or respond to a question.

Subsequently search for a group that relates to subjects like content marketing, graphic designing or any other domain, which you are into. The good part is that almost all subjects or groups have active participants in the platform.

To start, you have to pick the most recently asked questions and then clicking on the question, a page will open. You can click on “answer” to type the response and then click on “submit” to publish the answer.  Also remember there are two main elements to a good question which are transparency/accuracy and the potential for open-ended answers.

Make sure the questions are posed in a way which provides enough information to benefit the readers.

Secondly, make certain the questions
are created in such a way as to support “narrative” answers.

An individual answers questions on Quora and the best answers are those that add meaning to the users and resolve the confusion or doubt. Another great way to develop the quality of the answers on Quora is through sourcing. Sources add authority and believability to the answers. Adding links to external sources will raise the answers significantly.

Hence, Ranking of the answers on Quora depends on the activities and answers one published on the platform.

Let’s discuss some effective method to utilize Quora better. 

Ahrefs Technique

Ahrefs is an SEO tool utilised by millions of people around the world as it is an effective tool and with the help of it, you can find keywords that are ranking on the first page of the Google search engine. Use Ahrefs filters to get accurate results about phrases to be used in Quora.

In Quora, always target questions that have less than four answers and make sure that they don’t have lengthy answers and then add a lengthy explanation of the solutions and add related images as well.

The Quora algorithm favors the answer when it has numerous upvotes compared to other answers.

TIP:- Post at least five answers every single day for the next 30 days without taking any break. By the end of the month, one will have 150 published answers and can secure 1000 unique visits from the platform.

Coming to the second Effective Method: A Smart Work

A beginner should avoid it and use the first method as we know quora algorithm promotes the answer with the maximum number of votes compared to other answers.

You can create new accounts via email and upvote the answer. As writing answers for every particular question are pretty annoying and as there are millions of sites out there with various answers, and one take ideas and rephrase the same instead of direct copy-pasting as the Quora does not promote spamming and plagiarism.

If found an inappropriate keyword that stands higher on the search engine, then write a blog post. Employ the Ahrefs late segment of questions to find “high ranking with massive traffic questions” and place them on Google using Quora.

Also, remember overuse of the 2nd method can cause trouble.

TIP: Do not use the second method too much as it can lead to the suspension of the accounts. Quora can also blacklist the respective IP address.

Consequently, It’s not simple to generate leads via Quora, but you can benefit through driving traffic from the platform.

The blog post has been created by a guest blogger from Click Retina. It is an SEO Services company with specialization in digital marketing.

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