Six Effective Online Marketing Strategies For 2019

Effective Online Marketing Strategies

When running a small or medium-sized business you might often ponder on the thought, that what are the ways through which you can pump up your business through the strategies of online marketing. While there are ample of options that are available, however trying to implement all suggestions is near to impossible. In this case, taking into the best marketing strategy will be helpful for you. Speaking honestly, not all tactics of marketing will be effective for all kinds of business. Nonetheless, with these six online marketing strategies, your business can thrive in manifolds.

Responsive Design & Quality Content

Like investing in any kind of business, you want the best for your website through ROI. As days are changing and there is technological development, it is of paramount importance that your website is upgraded in terms of content, quality, and design. It is your online business card. Visitors must experience the best while visiting your website and if you aren’t sure how to achieve the best, it would be smart to consult companies similar to Ram Digital ( to have a fresh perspective on how to improve your user experience for your visitors.

We live in a world where everything is “on-the-go”. Mobiles are growing at a rate which is unpredictably high. People tend to use their mobile phones to order their food to attend an important business meeting. Hence it is always necessary to keep your website design mobile compatible. To make the scenario even complex, we need to have a mobile version that can be supported in Android, Blackberry, iOS and so on. This is where Responsive design changes the game of web designing. It is a technology helping the design of the website and its developmental features to be responsive to the user’s preferences. This include features like screen size, platform, etc. The tech market is growing daily. New gadgets and devices with advanced features are being introduced. It would be a challenge for you to keep up if the website is non-responsive.

Content needs to be scrutinized and sieved down to the best available. Implementing video clips are now being a trend in the market. This is definitely an effective marketing tool as well. Bite-sized videos can be posted to your websites and later shared in other social media. The visual content will have a much higher effect than written matter.

Leverage Email Marketing


Your work process must involve capturing the emails of your customers through online, or your website or other offline methods. Email is a very potent tool, which helps you in keeping in touch with your customers who are interested in your service or products. As your customer grows, you can segment them likewise through targeted messages of specific interests to your customers.

Beside the compactness, Email marketing is also very cost effective. Studies have shown that for the very little amount being used for an email, the income generated is surprisingly high. It seems as if people do look out for emails from their favorite brands. If your brand has a new product, design an email announcing its arrival. The response may be unbelievable. Email also makes the advertisement look personal. If you are going to be managing a large number of online clients and Emails, it is also important to ensure your business internet service provider can cope with demand. Commercial ISP providers, such as eatel business, offer a variety of internet solutions to meet the needs of your business. But how can you make your emails stand out from the innumerable marketing emails being received? Try out exciting designs and templates. Here is MailChimp, a team that can help you change the game in email marketing.

Set a Blog and Keep it Updated

If your business is small then blogging helps you to come at par with other large businesses. It basically shows their positions in the search results. The more frequently you update fresh blog post, the more effective it is in attracting traffic to your website. Blogs nowadays have become an integral part of websites due to its excellent benefits with regard to SEO and engagement of audiences. You may want to check out different seo tools online including auditing local seo to help run your business and get your business running to it’s highest potential!

Recent studies have recorded that brands that maintain an effective blog, generate 67% more leads than one that doesn’t. It is always necessary to keep keyword tracking. Always be in the lookout for effective keywords relating to your niche. Make sure they are being employed in the title and body of content in a very subtle yet powerful manner. Internal and external linking needs to be used in a fruitful way. Increase the visual content. It can always help to bring people back to your blog. Use good quality visual content which can make the blog spot look fantastic.

Invest in Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing makes the inclusion of advertisements that are paid and this, in turn, helps you in becoming more visible to customers quickly. The methods include CPC (cost per click), search ads that are paid, PPC (Pay-per-click), CPM (cost per- thousand impressions). The best and the rigorously popular platforms for search marketing available are; Bing Ads and Google AdWords.

The internet is being flooded with big and small brands looking out for some potential customer crowd. It is always important to make sure that your website or content catches the eye of a user. This can be achieved with proper planning and progressing from a PPC Management company. As we discussed above, popular platforms like Bing and Google Adwords can be very successful in promoting your brand. This is usually done by a play of keywords. They work in different ways but are generally known as Pay-per-click ads.

  • Text-based ads: These are very small and can only give a precise idea to the user. They are easily produced and very effective in promoting the brand and its content. It will contain the URL to your website and will lead the customer without rounding any bush.
  • Product listing ads: This is a comparatively new feature that helps to send out more visual content. It contains an image of the product and will be grouped in related product categories.

If you are unable to run ads on your own, you can always take the help of a reputed Google Ads Agency. However, you need to maintain constant coordination with the agency to help them understand your business objectives for a better result.

Take Care of Your Website SEO

The SEO on your website helps you in increasing your keywords rank in the search results. Creating fresh content regularly, with optimized images that are tagged well, along with properly written blogs and insertion of keywords finds you the way to reach high. However, if you find it difficult to manage your SEO by yourself, you can avail SEO services from any reputed agency.

It is always advisable to think about the SEO for your website before designing a website. A search engine should have the ability to explore every nook and cranny of your website. Search engines should be able to recognize the content in your website easily. This can increase the turn-up ratio of the site in organic searches. SEO friendly websites should be having a compact design with all necessary documentation made easily accessible.

The domain you select can be a good way to boost the SEO aspect of your website. Always make sure the domain has a close relation to the content being dealt with. If you plan well and create a functional website, SEO can help in establishing your brand firmly.

Adopt Social Media Marketing Tactics

This the podium where you can gain the maximum of traffic to your website. Many of your strategies on developing your business properly must be posting posts that are organic and not plagiarized. Social media plays a vital role to promote your brand and help it reach to the different corners of the globe. You should work to target the most relevant social media channels.

While dealing with social media marketing, your focus needs to be firm and you should have a proper plan. If no proper plan is worked out, you will be reaching the wrong audience with no effective productivity. Social media marketing can help:

  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Your brand will be made popular among a wider crowd
  • Focus in communication with the right audience
  • Helps in creating positive relationships with other brands

Now, the popular social media platforms have introduced what is called “Story”. This is a live update of new and fresh addition to your brand strategy. It is definitely an engagement promotion and increases in creating brand awareness. Your stories can make a way into the consumer’s heart by showcasing inside details of the brand. A story is time-limited and does not cause any clutter with too much content being shoved into your social media platforms.

Just like in the case of Website maintenance, the content being posted in Social Media should be well perused. Always make sure your content elevates the brand value. Infographics, videos, and photos should be conveying the right message about your firm or brand. You can run Facebook Ads to market your products and services to your target audience. Facebook has a very powerful advertising platform that allows marketers to target their audience at the micro level.

Instagram ads are also now turning out to be effective in social media. It can also give you a space to post the video content being made without the constraint of its length. The IGtv is the latest improvisation that can help you publish lengthy videos.

Now, here is a list of concise ways of effective online marketing strategies, which you can utilize to enhance your brand image. Always make sure that you post the right content with a proper frequency where people are reminded of your brand on a daily basis.

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