How to Respond Customers on Social Media

How to respond customers on social media.

In the present digital arena, every customer wants to be heard by the brands. So they prefer only those social platforms, where they get better response. Before discussing how to respond to customers on social media, we must understand how a customer choose a social channel.

Customers certainly don’t decide at random. They consider three things:

  • In which platform, the brand is active,
  • Where the customer thinks he will get better response
  • How quick is the response time.

Let’s take an example, if a user finds the brand active on Facebook and less on Instagram or Twitter then, he or she may consider Facebook as the best medium to reach the brand in case of any query.

When companies provide better responses on Facebook vs. email, for example, it trains customers to use Facebook to reach the brand. If the company posts on Instagram several times a day but only posts on Facebook a few times a week that trains customers to use Instagram.

To respond customers on social media is quite easy as well as less expensive. Many times as a brand you might receive negative or abusive comments on social media. To handle customer complaints on social media is also a part of the social media marketing strategy. If you are thinking that not responding to negative comments on your Facebook or LinkedIn page is a good option, you are totally wrong. If a customer don’t receive response his or her complain on social media, he may get further disappointed. Also this sends a wrong message to others that you do not care about your users.

How to Deal with Customer Complains on Social Media

This is a popular question of all marketers as every brand wants to adopt a better technique to deal with customer complains on social media.

  1. Find all mentions

In order to successfully deal with customer complains on social media, you must find all instances of it. Around 70% of customer dissatisfaction messages are posted on Facebook compared to other channels. You can use a social listening software to check what people are saying about the brand. Once, you have identified the mentions, it’s time to answer to these feedbacks.

  1. Display empathy

Responding your customers in an emphatic way is an ideal way to make up your broken image. It is not possible for you to change what has happened but you can very well prevent what will occur next. Let your customers know that you care for them and are equally sad about the issue and will take all necessary steps to prevent such instances in the future.

  1. Switch channels

Social media do not allow complete customer service due to limitation of space and risk of sensitive information being shared. So businesses need to choose other medium such as email or phone after setting up initial contact with customers.  However, social media can help you to cool your dissatisfied customers providing them instant assistance.


Social media is the most important medium for brands who want to have a good digital presence. Hence, if used strategically, social media can help brands enhance their image and satisfy their irate customers.

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