How to Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search

How to Optimize Your Website for Google Voice Search

In 2018, voice search will have a good share in the total search percentage. In 2015, search using virtual assistants increased from zero to 10% of the global search volume. Siri, Cortana, Alexa and now Google’s assistant are some ways people use Voice search. Before discussing how will marketers optimize for voice search, let us understand first what exactly voice search is.

What is Google Voice Search?

Voice search feature of Google was introduced in 2010 and it underwent changes in these years. In the present time, voice search feature of Google allows users to tap on the microphone and ask a question or speak a keyword with instant display of the answer. This feature of Google is known as ‘OK Google’.

How can you find Google Voice Search?

  • Turn on voice search on your phone
  • On your Android phone, open the Google app.
  • Tap Menu Settings Voice “Ok Google” Detection.
  • Select when you want your phone to listen when you speak “Ok Google.”

Tips to Optimize your Website for Google voice search

Now as a marketer, your next question will be, how to optimize your website for Google voice search. Many companies want to add this feature in their website to enhance the customer expectations. Adding this to your page is likely to get you a lot more visitors, that’s why you should next consider visiting so you can back up your website, and offer a faster and more reliable experience for customers using your site. This means you can get on with creating your website and updating the content. Google Voice Search is a part of Google virtual assistant for quite a sometime. Google’s search algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) together makes this feature so powerful.

Understand what Online Surfers are looking for

You must take time to understand what the users are looking for and take necessary steps to optimize your site accordingly to provide the right content. All relevant information regarding your websites such as address, contact number, and services offered must be available to the users when your website appears.

Take the Advantage of Schema Markup

Deploy Schema metadata on your website that will explain the content of your website to Google. This is necessary for your website to appear when anyone searches a query that is relevant to your product & services.

Use Long Tail Keywords in your Website Content

Long tail keywords are always recommended by SEO specialists to their clients. Although less competitive, long tail keywords have higher chances of conversion. If you want to optimize your website for Google Voice Search then you must add long tail keywords. People mostly speak long phrases to make a voice search. Example: Chinese restaurants near me. Here the word ‘me’ can be replaced by your location.

Make Your Business Presence on Google Local Listing

If you are running a local business like a gift shop or a restaurant etc. then you must take the advantage of Google local listing feature. You need to make sure that all information is updated so that users can find your business quickly.

Go for Paid Mediums

You can go for the paid medium like Google AdWords if you want quick results. A local extension is a great way to get your business display for voice searches. When you create Google AdWords campaign, use the local extension feature. You can display your business also placing ads in Google Local maps. This is one of the most appropriate ways to serve your ads during Google voice search.

With these above-mentioned tips, you can make your website appear in Google voice search. There has been a constant upgrade in this feature of Google to make it more convenient and appropriate for users. In 2018, Google voice search will play a very important role in public search queries. So all marketers must start efforts to optimize your website for Google voice search. You can also avail professional SEO services from any reputed company if you find it difficult yourself.

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