Importance of External & Internal Linking of Content

internal linking of Content

As digital marketing is becoming more popular and prominent, webpage and blog owners are finding different ways to make maximum use of their provisions. Many are joining hands with marketing companies that aim at creating result oriented strategies to promote webpages and blogs.

One such strategy is SEO or search engine optimization, but just optimization alone will not do for a successful marketing method for many firms or individuals. The search engine optimization methods are closely related to two main factors, namely, search ranking and visibility. Search ranking is simply the rank in which your webpage turns up by an organic search and visibility shows how much noteworthy your page is during a search engine result page (SERP) generation. The ranking and visibility of a page are controlled by many factors, one of which is linking.

Linking is a very effective way to increase the ranking and visibility of a webpage. There are mainly two types of content interlinking, internal linking and external linking. Both of the two has separate roles to play in increasing the marketing of webpages or blogs. This kind of strategy is specifically named as Link marketing in the modern digital marketing domain.

Always keep in mind that for a successful SEO, there are mainly two things to keep in mind. You would need to be ranked by search engines or users and you would need to be found among the many websites with similar content. If these two steps are completed, we get a chance for people to take a look at our web site and check the content with much more interest. This brings us to another important factor in this strategy of SEO. Besides the ranking and increasing visibility, you can also control the trustworthiness or spamming meter of your web space. If your link is being shared from a fake or a spammer website, then there is a chance for your link to get spammed as well. This can cause a negative blow in the further proceedings of the website. Let us take a deeper look into link marketing and see which type of content interlinking is more effective.

External Linking

External linking refers to the process in which the content in one webpage is connected to the content and matter in a different domain. External links provide additional information regarding the matter dealt with on your website. Another type of linking, the inbound linking is the category where in your website is being linked from a different domain, giving more access to your content from their website or blog:

External linking of content

External links have the ability to increase the turn-up ratio or visibility of your website or blog. These can be the main way to improve the organic traffic to your web space by working with the Google algorithm. There are also things to take care while dealing with external linking or especially inbound linking. This is by making sure that we are not being linked to any low ranked websites, which may lead to a negative effect on the turn-up ratio or visibility of your product. Hence rounding up, we can simply say that the external linking process can bring a huge rise in the visibility of the web space.

There is another kind of interrelating between website, which is called mentioning. This is way different from linking and may not be as effective as the process of linking. The person visiting a website may be able to know about your web space from a small mentioning in their content. But this would not be an accessible path for a user to reach your website or blog.

Internal Linking

This type of linking refers to the process of linking content in one web domain to the content or matter in the same domain. This type of linking forms the basic structure of a website and benefits your web space much in its SEO growth prospect. Once a search engine discovers your site and its contents from the large expanse websites with a similar matter, the user would follow more links to find out extra content in your webpage or blog. Most users have the habit of following these links in the very first visit itself so that they can keep the necessary pages archive for future use. As we discussed earlier, the internal links form a structure of the whole web space, giving the webpage a more appealing and easily accessible character. The drops downs or options arranged in menus can be the internal links making your web space a user-friendly product. Your matter will be organized and concisely accessible by users or even the search engines being used.

It has been found that content interlinking is a very effective way to make a webpage or blog be analyzed according to the Google algorithm. Google considers an increased number of internal links to be an asset or positive aspect to give importance to a particular webpage. It can be a progressive way to make SEO marketing effective in the case of digitally promoting a web space. Internal links can help in giving access to the normally less checked pages that are considered to be of very low value. In the case of dynamic websites, we get the opportunity of adding to the content of a webpage. But fresh content is always a positive boost in increasing the SEO ranking of webpages or blogs. Hence, a systematic update of content can be a very important matter in making sure that Google ranks a webpage high in the SERP.

Ranking a Webpage

Like we discussed before, ranking plays a very important role in determining the progress of a webpage in its popularity. This has a hold on what we call as “Click depth”. It is simply the count of clicks required to reach a particular page of your demand, from the first or the “home” page of a website. Statistics have reportedly shown that the lesser the click depth, the more accepted in Google search ranking. Which means that reducing the click depth of a website can help in increasing its rank in search engines. Pages can be made shallow by increasing the number of internal links in web space, as the user gets a chance to directly go to their desired web page easily.

Another way of getting a high ranked website is by creating content hubs. Content hubs are created by collating all information available relating to a particular topic in a single spot. Content needs to of good quality and should be of desirable quantity but this also calls for a perfect place to store them at ease of access by any user. A hub makes sure that the reader or the user is not wasting his or her time searching for the layers of content being stored on a website. Rather it cuts down the information into useful chunks which can easily be understood by anyone. From an SEO perspective, a hub is found to be way more effective than a website and can create more clarity to the brand value you are trying to bring up. It can also increase the visibility of a webpage in organic searches and thereby increase the SEO value. Hubs help in generating valuable readers or a community focused on a particular topic.

Building Links- a True Craft

Link building is a task that requires more skill and knowledge than what we expect. It should be dealt wisely and make sure that you get a successful outcome out of it. A good link building also requires a certain amount of money to support and aid in its smooth and hurdle less progress. It should also be kept in mind that each link building is different from each other hence cannot be mixed up. Types of link building:

Natural Linking

These are simply the links created to specific areas of content or matter in a webpage.

Manual Linking

This is more effectively found in the case of external linking. This is done by getting in touch with concerned bloggers or webpage owners.

The SEO services available in India can help you to create a strong network of links on your website and thereby increase the search rank and visibility of your webpage. Efficient SEO services would have ardent knowledge in building both effective internal and external links. This can be a worthy matter to spend your money on and to be sure that your webpage or blog would be noticed by those who search for the particular content or matter.

Bakwas Marketing is now one of the leading providers of SEO services in India and can help you in creating a high ranked and highly visible webpage or blog by their efficient plans. They have a very experienced team of employees, well versed in the matter of link building and other such necessary techniques. Internal linking and other matter would be taken care with good craftsmanship.

Make your links aligned and climb the ladder of search ranking and visibility with much more confidence and planning.

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