Importance of Breadcrumbs in SEO

Importance of Breadcrumbs on SEO

The world of web is filled with tiny little tots that are always ready to help. Breadcrumbs are a part of a website that is built in order so that the user is not lost while reading the content on that particular website. These small navigational tools help in telling users their location on your website. Along with this, they help you in understanding web crawlers the structure of your website. Since these little tots are packed with benefits, it is important to add these pointers to your website, so that no user loses direction. Breadcrumbs appear on the top of the page and it provides a reflection of the structure of the navigation of the website. Breadcrumbs are there to enrich the experience of the user on your website.

Types of Breadcrumbs:

There are myriad breadcrumbs available but the most common ones being:

  1. Breadcrumbs based on Hierarchy: these are the commonest of all, it depicts to the user that when they are on the structure of your site and the number of steps that they require to go back to the homepage of your website.
  2. Breadcrumbs based on attributes: these are found commonly on websites of e-commerce when a particular user has done a search. It is made up of all the attributes of the product.
  3. Breadcrumbs based on history: these are ordered according to the work of the user on the website. It is an alternative to the history bar of the internet.

When are the Breadcrumbs Used?

Breadcrumbs find their utility on a larger website like the e-commerce and other websites whose page is arranged in the form of hierarchy. You should abstain them from using in those websites those are single-level and where there is no logic applied for the hierarchy of the pages or any other type of grouping. The best way for evaluating the process in which the breadcrumb will prove to be beneficial is by creating a sitemap as it will render a diagrammatic representation of the architecture of navigation for the website. You should also see whether the breadcrumbs in any way will prove to be beneficial and improve the power of navigation of the user for different categories.


  1. Breadcrumbs can be integrated on any page; dynamic or static
  2. There are a possibility and availability of loading the contexts from the URL and use these as small tokens for the navigational path of the breadcrumbs.
  3. These can be cloned to save a lot of time while the building of navigation is in process
  4. All the titles of the breadcrumbs can be translated.
  5. It has got an interface that can be put to the utility.

If you are availing SEO Services, your service provider will also guide you regarding the use of breadcrumbs.

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