How to use Twitter to Connect for Link-Building

Twitter to connect for Link-Building

When the question is is regarding link-building, the most desired way that rises above everything is ROI content and efficiency that is distributed through the medium of high authority and online publishers. You must connect with eminent writers, editors, journalists, and contributors along with each other.

However, this is the time to turn to Twitter. Two theories of communicating interpersonally and back up that make Twitter as its medium and as a basic tactic for building a relationship with the effect of mere exposure, anonymity and identifiable other.

The mere exposure effect can be comprehended in this manner; like walking to work in the same route every day and meeting the same set of people. On a particular day, because of a doctor’s appointment, the different route is taken. Unconsciously more trust is given on the first set of people than the second set as the liking is on the personal level along with the familiarity.

Now to get into the deeper and influential part of it, it has to be seen that how to deal with writer, editors and journalists and whom do you want to place the content with?

  1. Twitter account must be optimized:

Your twitter must essentially show your name, bio and all other personal details that are mandatory to be completed. These certain techniques must be used

  • Full name or a combination of name and initials must be included
  • Personal and professional information in details must be updated in the bio, it is useful to creative along with being relatable
  • The timeline is your personal space to share your personality while you are trying to reach out to the editors and writers as these people are likely to check the timeline before responding. Your timeline if empty will give out negative signals
  • Your picture must be included and the photo in the header must be updated by you. The advantage of the mere exposure effect must be taken to facilitate e-mail and Twitter accounts. The more the recognition you get the more trustworthy you appear.
  1. Twitter lists must be created:

And here comes a powerful tool that you can use to keep track of contacts who showed interest or responded to you in your favor to the outreach, pitches being accepted and the content of the individual has been published. Keep them organized and your relationship will develop in no time. A viable option other than this is to construct a list according to your purpose and to the person, you prefer to pitch. This interaction can be lit through proactively leading these people in getting the name and avatar in their notifications.

  1. Interaction with editors, freelancers, and writers

Once your Twitter lists are set up, the action starts and this step requires the least amount of work as following journalists and writers is important and a relationship on Twitter can be sparked in many ways and the key being ‘authentic and original’. Do not put a like if the tweet seems dis aggregable and do not reply if it does not create a spark. Being yourself is the mantra that helps in the long run.

  1. Follow

You must follow writers as it is helpful in keeping track of their tweets and getting the name on their notification. Following a personality of your choice is the first step of building a relationship.

  1. Liking

Hearting or liking a tweet is very simple so go ahead and heart it out! as it is the best way of showing appreciation about something you like about your contact. Always remember that the number of tweets that is liked by you are seen on your timeline so be judicious and do not go overboard.

  1. Retweet

This is the finest opportunity that you have of becoming more famous and it is better than liking or simply following. As actions with words, speak your deeds. However, if a little amount of masala wants to be added to the retweet that will include a tangent of the personality of the individual, give compliments, use humor and share opinions.

  1. Reply

The more you interact the better result it will yield for you. The most effective way of building relationships will be to reply to something the journalists or the writer wrote and engage in a conversation in due time or in a course of time.

The mere exposure effect will take your side and will be advantageous as far as your popularity is concerned. As you build a relation in Twitter within this virtual world it does not guarantee you that your pitch will be granted. There’s nothing to feel dejected it is time to wash off and get started again as you are a human and mechanisms are inbuilt.


John Fernandis
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