How to Pick the Best Marketing Automation Tool For Your Business?

Best Marketing Automation Tool For Your Business

Marketing organizations and businesses around the world are now employing automation methods to manage their digital markets. This helps in spreading the markets to different channels around the web and to effectively employ the regular or repetitive tasks using automation. But before starting off with the process, it is necessary to know in detail, ‘what is a marketing automation tool?’. The initial phase of marketing automation was done in the field of email marketing. I’ve heard of some people using marketing automation to help with their financial seminars. There seems to be many applications for this technology. It has been found to be very useful in managing campaigns, social media marketing and so on.

The automation process is mainly done using a software which does not need to be installed into a personal system. It can be very easily accessed from the website, hence letting you free from the need to meet storage space. This is a time of growth in the field of online marketing, businesses of all types and class are stepping into it.

The main reason for this change is the huge prospect of a wider reach among audience of various kinds and also from different geographic regions. It is necessary to take automation and planned marketing hand in hand. Since it is mainly being employed in B2C systems and it is necessary to make sure the customer feels that content being delivered to them is personalized. After all, marketing to business owners will entail completely different strategies than if a company wanted to start marketing to students, for example.

If all the work is being done through automation, customers will not be satisfied and there would never be a healthy relation between them and the company. If you are waiting to start of with the process, make sure all the right necessities are being met and focus will be to give the best experience for the customers.

Point to Consider While Choosing a Marketing Automation Tool

When you are in the process of choosing a marketing automation tool, it would be normal to go for the cheap marketing automation tools or even free marketing automation tools. But it would be a considerably difficult task to complete, due to the many options now available. Hence, we are to keep some parameters to choose from the options and compare these among the shortlisted ones. Here are the things to expect from the best marketing automation tool:

User friendly:

It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the best marketing automation software you opt for is user friendly too. This is because in B2C systems it is always preferred to use a less complicated software. The more difficult a software turns out for the user, the lesser benefit is drawn out from it. There would be issues of time management, proficiency management and so on. Hence, always choose the most user friendly tool or software for marketing automation.

Social Media Marketing:

Since social media marketing forms an integral part of the digital marketing realm, marketing automation tool is also expected to be taking effective measures to make it work. Social media is now the place to let people know of and give them a chance to talk about various businesses from anywhere around the globe. This can therefore be said as one of the most effect ways of digital marketing. While using the automation tools or software, it can be managed more efficiently with regular posting, promotions, notifications, etc.

Making effective use of existing communication channels and implementing new ones for better result:It is necessary to make sure that the communication channels which are available for the convenient use of businesses are being employed by the automation tool you choose. While the platform covers all the existing communication channels, it is also necessary to make sure new integrations are also being explored and implemented for a better acceptance among customers. This is a field with much competition and hence every company would be trying to implement new and improved integrations to attract more customers. But before implementing the new integrations in your automation tool, make sure if the existing channels might prove more effective in the area of implementation or not. Different client groups may also influence this difference.

Creating a Personalized Experience for the Clients:

As we discussed earlier, even when the automation tools drive more effective results for businesses, it is your responsibility to make sure that the clients feel a personalized interaction when in communication with you. This can be achieved by carefully managing profiles and customer data in the right way. Considering the previous point of discussion, it is absolutely necessary to divide your communications through the right channels. This is to make sure that the client is being dealt in the manner they prefer. When we transfer data through a single channel, in bulk, aiming for a wide spectrum of customers, it would prove less effective in driving the preferred result. Rather, we can see that the process of planned personalization can even make a difference in the revenue generation at a considerable level.

Choosing and dividing the communication channels you employ among the different client groups is hence very important. You should also be aware of the tools being used for analytical study of the marketing being done. If it is generating a real time result, then your tasks can be made simpler and more effective. Personalization can also be improved by making use of additional technologies and softwares. Trying innovative systems from artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring about a huge change.

Proper and Timely Update in Analysis:

While choosing an automation tool for your business, the necessity to analyze the effectiveness of marketing on a regular basis is very high. Hence the reporting or analyzing tools need to be working in such a way that it brings about a level of satisfaction in the users.

Top 7 Best Automation Tools

As discussed above, choice of marketing automation tool for effective and productive results should be done wisely. But you also need to make sure the chosen software is cost efficient with all the features added to it. This involved the upfront cost and the on going cost involved. Therefore the need to properly research and understand the tools become a must do. Here are 7 of the top best automation tools now made available, with their features and other points to consider:

Hubspot Marketing Automation

Hubspot is said to be one of the most widely used automation tools around the world. Their user friendly interface makes it easier for smaller businesses which are less technologically sound to produce very good results. When considering the cost effectiveness though, it is seen that all the features offered by Hubspot may be found in other tools at a much lower price. The analytic tools provided by Hubspot is yet another great positive aspect of their marketing automation software. This is well generate an organized, effective result to help small scale businesses grow at a faster pace. It is widely known that Hubspot automation tool is the best choice for a triggered growth of fairly new businesses.


Cost involved: Hubspot does offer a free version of their automation tool, but this is definitely not sufficient to effectively go about the marketing for your business. This may be taken as a hype being shown by the company to drive more customers. Once you are in the cycle, the need for various features will pop up and you will end up spending more than in the case of other tools. Let us take a brief look at the pattern of pricing in Hubspot marketing automation:

The onboard charges will be somewhere in the range of $3000 to $5000. In addition, there will also be the normal charge which is calculated monthly, but paid annually. This may be anywhere between $800 – $3000. This will end up being a total of about $13,000 for a year. This will definitely be seen as an overpriced option for many people.

Active Campaign

This is one automation tool which has succeeded in creating effective results in businesses at a very affordable rate. It might not prove to be much of a success when opted by fairly new or less technologically sound users. Active Campaign tool is very powerful and affordable compared to a lot of the other tools now available, especially with what it comes with right of out the box, so to speak. The automation features are very flexible and hence prove to be much more effectively implemented, especially when you Sync Salesforce and ActiveCampaign together into one ultra-powerful tool. There is a lot of power behind this tool if put in the hands of someone who understands how to use it. It does require good effort and dedicated time to be used to active campaign, but it would be worth it.

active campaign

This tool is one that is seen to be on a constant path of improvement or innovation. Therefore they always strive to meet the market necessities meet with proper solutions. The bug problems, email deliverability, etc in the case of Active Campaign is irrelevant. The customer support is very apt and timely, making it easier for the users to implement the marketing strategies.

Cost involved: There is no set up fees but the monthly price will be somewhere between $10 to $250. Affordability is a major reason why active campaign is preferred by many users.


This software became active in the field of marketing automation, sometime around 2016. Though the builder is not effective as Active Campaign, their tool is very user friendly and devoid of serious complications involving support from the service team or wide and thorough research of the documentations. One of the major disadvantages of Sendinblue is the limit being posed on the number of emails being sent. This not just on a monthly basis, but also on a daily basis. This is quite when considering the unlimited emails being sent from the other software. It has a notable feature of SMS facility.


Cost involved: Though they do provide a free service with basic facilities of email marketing, SMS feature etc, it is to be noted that the full access to automation will only be made available by paying the monthly fee package. This starts from $50 and may be quite difficult for small businesses to afford.


Ontraport is one automation tool which is employed by diverse businesses of all sizes. From small scale firms to huge organizations, this tool has been found to be very effective in marketing automation. It is very user friendly and can be easily used by anyone. You can easily request for a demo with absolutely no cost involved and experience the effectiveness of this automation tool before making it a permanent software. All the features can be tried without much complications.

Cost involved: Ontraport is not that of an affordable software, but it is comparatively affordable considering the features being involved. The cost does not increase as the requirement rises and will be kept at a very normal level of pricing.

Prospect io

This is a comparatively different kind of automation tool, which is involved mainly in a single task rather than the overall marketing automation process. They are generally involved in lead generation and creating effective or warm leads from the irrelevant or cold leads. The emails being sent from Prospect io is being generated from the true mail server, making it look like it is being sent specially for each individual. This can be proved very useful in personalization for each customer.

Prospect io

Cost involved: This tool has a starter package that starts from $35 but there are some special features like email credits which are used to find original email addresses to extend your marketing prospects. This might be in a range between $39 to $499.


Pardot is an automation tool which is mainly preferred for businesses with much technical proficiency and time frame to be made familiar with its features and working. This will not be found to be useful for the small scale businesses that are looking for a notable change in their prospects of finding new range of customers.


They are very useful in lead generation, nurturing, scoring, etc, all very important steps for a big business in their digital marketing.

Cost Involved: Pardot is one of the most expensive automation tools. Their base cost on a monthly basis starting from $1000.


This is the automation tool which can be voted best for their appealing marketing techniques. They employ attractive visual content like animation to lure the customers. But it is also found to be effective in bringing a positive growth of businesses with digital marketing. They have a very easy to use visual editor feature. There are other features of email, messaging, etc which are also very user friendly and simple IN Autopilot.


Cost involved: A 30 day free trial with no credit card details required is one of the main features of Autopilot software. The normal pricing is divided into three types: silver, gold and platinum which are $49, $149 and $249 respectively.

You have been introduced to the main features and pricing patterns of 7 best marketing automation software which can be chosen for your business. Choose the right one after considering all the features and pricing, making sure the right results are being generated.

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