How to Measure Performance of Social Media Posts

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It is of prime importance to analyze the performance of your social media posts so that you can understand what is working and what is not. The process of checking your social analytics is probably a convenient way to find out what kind of posts are advantageous for your small business. You should already be looking at the analytics of your website and monitoring how many visitors you get each week or even day. If your small business requires a lot of manual labour, it might be worth using a Website For Trades so that you know the website is maintained and being looked after whilst you’re on a job. For your social media platforms, instead of site visitors, you should be looking at page followers. These users will see all of the products or services your brand offers with the posts you publish. But before you start to shoot out for numbers, it is of pivotal importance, that you fix your goals for your social media, also note down what kind of activities you expect from your audience- simply to post, share or purchase something?

Types of Social Media Goals

  1. Increasing the potential customers on the basis of the news broadcasted regarding new products.
  2. To increase the number of likes and clicks on your website
  3. Develop proper interaction with the customers
  4. Boost the traffic on your website along with creating awareness among the visitors for your brand
  5. Finally, to drive your potential customer to your physical store.

Measuring the Performance of Social Media Posts

There are quite a number of ways through which you can do this. It depends on the number of channels, you are using and the time you can devote to analyzing each.

  1. Track your social media performance on each podium of social media: if your decision is firm on using two social media podiums, it is easy for you to see the analytics. For instance, if you are using Facebook, all you have to do is go to the business page of Facebook and click on the link on the top. You will get information about everything related to your page and can even view how your product is faring along with the promotions. The latest improvements of performance tracking being employed in YouTube, Instagram, etc can make you a better assessor of your performance in social media. You can separately understand how each post has impacted the crowd in different ways.
  2. Utilize the third-party tools of social media analytics: If you are looking for a tool that will lend you hand in analyzing the analytics for social media for multiple or only one location, then you have to check out the Socdir directory for social tools. Here are some tools that provide you with the option of free along with paid upgrades. They are Hootsuite, Google Analytics, Buffer.

measuring performance of social media

Key Action Points for Social Media Success

You will be in the lookout for leveling up your analytics along with the goals that you have framed for your business. Here are a few things set as an example of what you must have a lookout for:

  1. When the aim of your business is to drive traffic to your website, then you would be in a lookout for conversions, URL shares, and link clicks
  2. If you aim at creating awareness, then you would want to check on impressions, mentions, volume, and exposure
  3. As you start seeing the engagement of your customers, then calculate the likes, number of shares for your posts, comments and retweets.

Let us try expanding these specific goals and see what can be done to achieve them in the most effective way.

Driving Traffic to the Website

We all know that in the normal driving scenario, a good road will have more traffic than a pothole filled road. In the same way, driving the traffic towards the website would need a smooth and easy path. A user would find more ease in following a single click link to reach a specific blog than following multiple links to finally be able to reach the required space. This is the reason why we should focus more on the need for shares and conversions with the correct link attached to it.

If a person visits your website or blog through a social media post and is so impressed that he wants to share it with his dear ones. A simple mention of your website will not be much effective as people would simply ignore it due to the difficulty in further entering the name into any search engine and finding the path to reach your content. This is a fast world and people always look for the simplest of routes to take. Thus if the URL of your web space is shared along with the mentioning, anyone who reads it would be finding an easy way to simply click on a single link and reaching the required space.

Web traffic can also be used as a method to assess how well your digital marketing techniques are working. The process of sharing URL links can generate more leads, bring a rise in conversions and thus increase the number of visitors or customers to your website.

Let us take a look at some interesting methods to increase the traffic:

Making an impact with just the headline: While going through different articles based on a particular topic, a user would be focusing on the article that has the most attractive headline. In the same social media posts need to be as embellished as possible that it becomes irresistible for a viewer. This should also mean that the particular headline is in close relation with the topic being dealt with in the article. Following this trend can create a greater flow of traffic into a particular web space.

The tailed keywords: Keywords always do play a major role in increasing the traffic or the popularity of a website or blog space, but a long-tailed keyword can make sure that your web space and the topic being discussed is not being missed out by even the smallest chance. People normally tend to use the long tailed keywords when they search for articles related to a topic normally unaware of a common man. In social media posts, add interesting keywords which have reference to more than one term that is related to the topic. The long sentences aid in giving out search results from all around the internet and giving more effective options for the user.

Guest blogging: This is two-way traffic. You can go ahead and post a blog in a different blog whereas you can invite another person to blog in your space. Both have their own pros and cons if observed carefully. Guest blogging has a greater chance of being prone to the scam culture now. It can be well maintained by keeping a close check on the content you are posting as well as the content you are accepting. The one good factor of both the kinds of guest blogging is that it can greatly impact the increase in traffic to your web space. When you are guest blogging, the mention of being the owner of a particular blog becomes a positive point if the readers are impressed with your content. This will attract potential customers without much effort. On the other hand, when a guest agrees to blog in your space, they will definitely make mention in their own blog, creating another batch of potential customers. When social media publishes either of the two, it is definitely a post helping in traffic boost.

Creating Awareness

Internet is the best platform to create real brand awareness among people. Social Media, individual websites and blogs are few of the several methods to achieve this goal. Here are a few points to be remembered while aiming to create a very effective brand awareness program:

Social media activity: in this era of social media promotions, brand awareness can also be done using social media posts. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. has the facility of sharing posts with valuable mention of your website or blog.

Connecting with a wider crowd: influencers, entrepreneurs and artists are now making their presence known in the various web space platforms. Most influencers have very established websites or blog spaces and their followers would be keeping much trust in the content they post. Hence getting in touch with social media influencers is the best way to create awareness about your brand and its value.

Getting a word from customers themselves: there is no other useful brand awareness like the testimonials from customers. Instagram is currently the best social media platform for customers to publish their testimonials with the help of images or short videos.

AdSense auto ads: Google being the pioneer in the digital world, they have also launched a paid advertisement platform. Google AdSense has the ability to choose the right websites where your content or products may be found relevant. The targeted audience will be slimmed down so that irrelevant spots may be avoided. This will be giving a much positive result for the investment you initially make.

increase customer engagement

Increase Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the primary strategy towards a well-oriented brand promotion program. Satisfied customers are the base of a successful marketing technique. Focusing on a transparent and empathetic relationship with customers can be the main step to building an engaged customer network. Keeping your customers in the know at all times is so important for your business to keep engaged with your ‘audience’, this is why email and mobile messaging software from companies such as Epsilon is highly important to keep your customers happy and coming back to you.

There are few products that can help in increasing customer engagement by checking the popularity of all the posts or marketing content being published by the entrepreneurs.

  1. Clarabridge: Clarabridge is a very efficient product specially focused on Customer engagement marketing techniques. They work out strategies to make the interaction between businesses and their customers a very smooth, hurdle free and above all constant affair. The main method of their functioning is through the feedback collection process, wherein customers are enquired of their feedback about their experience with a particular business and thereby using it for their further marketing techniques. Besides this Clarabridge also acts as the mediator between the customer and your business by creating proper communication channels, etc. With their main office at Reston, Virginia Clarabridge can engage with teams streamed around the world.
  1. Avaya: Avaya is an American company with an excellent reputation in the field of Customer engagement services. They manage your real-time services with the integration of all modes of data. The focus given on customer satisfaction is their mantra for creating a much successful clientele in the business globe. All their techniques are unified and effective as solutions for the customer engagement problems of companies in all size. Their systems are secure and safe beyond all the other features. The cloud-based services are stronger in the game of customer engagement.
  1. Touchcommerce: You can attain the best customer engagement using a platform that can provide for constant interaction between the customer and the business. Time, location or medium of communication should not be a reason for any kind of hurdle in the path of business-customer interaction. Different methods of touch commerce in various streams of business include TouchSocial, TouchMedia, TouchStore, TouchConnect, TouchSell, TouchCare, etc. Another attractive feature of Touchcommerce is that it can be made into self-serviced or agent assisted. The implantation feature helps in analyzing the visitor behavior and thereby creating a better channel for engagement between the business and their customers.
  1. Liveperson: This NewYork based company aids in proper communication between brands and their valued customers. Their facility is a very effective channel for communication between brands and customers. The customer satisfaction scoring is a method employed by LivePerson to be in track of the engagement offered to customers from the business’ end.
  1. Zohodesk: Zohodesk is a user-friendly, customizable and very affordable platform which you can use to increase customer engagement through social media, emails, chats, etc. This is a system wherein the customers feel they have a degree of power in their dealings with the business they collaborate with. The solutions Dashboard records the number of customers who have taken access to the solution articles provided. This will be considered as a data fit for analysis and may be used for future references.

What is most important is what is your specific goal. Overall you want to see an increase in your followers, number of likes for your pages and fans or engagement.

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