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Digital marketing is a field of marketing that is on a rapid rise with the growth of technology. As our everyday life becomes more and more connected to the digital world, the need for digitalization also increases. People prefer virtual shopping to physically visiting a shop and buying what they want. Hence the prospect of digital marketing is one that will only grow day by day. This is why learning digital marketing can be a big asset for you to move on ahead. Just like in the normal marketing world, digital marketing also requires our careful implementation.

Apart from digital marketing institutes, we have a number of digital marketing courses online free of any cost. This gives you the opportunity of getting more equipped in the field without spending much time or money. It should also be noted that many of these are authentic platforms for studying digital marketing. Hence the chance for studying a digital marketing certificate programs online can be an added benefit. Physical classes are also available for digital marketing. But to suit your busy schedule and for best results, it would always be better to opt for digital marketing classes online. In this article, we will take a look at a few important things to keep in mind while taking online digital marketing courses.

Types of Digital Marketing Courses Online

Before getting into the deeper facts of marketing, the initial necessity is to recognize what kind you should choose. Selecting the right kind of digital marketing is half the work done. Different businesses require different digital marketing techniques. Promotions that suits your business needs to be recognized and implemented correctly. Only this would bring out the expected results from digital marketing. Digital marketing courses online free of cost can give you the option to select the right time of marketing. Here are a few types of digital marketing techniques:

Search Engine Optimization:

Organic searches are the more frequent kind of search among the users. Hence, it would be required to keep your ranking high in organic searches. SEO and SERP are two closely related terms. While the optimization on search engine happens, the result of it may be noticed in the SERP. The position of your website on a search engine result page increases noticeably. This would lead to more traffic to the website and the chance for a potential customer noticing your business is boosted. Search Engine Optimization can be done with the help of keyword management, linking and other related techniques. You should also make sure that the website

  • is updated with high-quality content
  • has enough social presence
  • creates brand awareness

These techniques need to be implemented with much professionalism and quality. This is where digital marketing certificate programs online can be of help. They can give you the perfect picture of keyword formation, brand evangelization and much more. When you are ready to put the learning into practice, you can see the difference in the SERP ranking of your website.

Social Media Marketing:

One of the most effective techniques in digital marketing. Social media is the perfect place for marketing your business with an effective immediate result. The social media platforms can also help in effective brand awareness among the users. This type of digital marketing opens up an opportunity for you to directly communicate with your customers. Nothing can be more effective than a brand that tops in quality and satisfies its customers. A good communication channel can bring much difference in spreading brand awareness too. This marketing mostly works out in the case of business to customer (B2C) company. Social media also gives you an opportunity to know the pulse of customers. You can visit their profiles and get an idea as to what the person follows, prefers or expects. This will be your chance to step in and start the promotion more personally. Digital marketing classes online can help you learn more about social media marketing.

Content Marketing:

This type of digital marketing simply depends on the content available on your website. By creating unique, shareable and free content, you will get a chance to attract customers. This will prompt them to download, share or recommend your website. There are many ways to present your content to the customer. Creating blogs, podcasts, videos and communicating through emails, social media chats, etc are different ways of content marketing. A major point to be followed while doing content marketing is the need for updating. You would need to decide and define the content for better results. Digital marketing courses can equip you with all necessary knowledge in content marketing.

Pay per Click (PPC):

This is the type of digital marketing which can be said as the paid version of Search engine optimization. Even when this method is expensive while implementation, it has the prospect of receiving payment from the website. When the paid advertisement is hosted by a search engine, you are presented with a potential payment. This can be more effective when the targeted audience is defined and the marketing is done with more visibility to them. But this can only be afforded by wealthy and easily growing businesses. Else it can impose much more burden to your firm and instead you’d need the expertise of a pay per click agency instead of trying to implement this technique yourself via self-education. In the place of gain, you will have to suffer from noticeable amounts of loss. This also needs to be done in such a way that customers are pulled to click and take a look at the website. Hence, the need to correctly design and set up a paid SEO become equally important too.

Online digital marketing courses can help you choose the right type of digital marketing technique and the ways to implement them.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Certificate Programs Online

The aim of digital marketing courses is not just to improve the web presence of your business. It can offer you more knowledge and insight into the world of digital marketing. Your knowledge of marketing as a whole will be polished and made better.

  • Digital marketing certificate programs online can improve your analytical skills and make you equipped with necessary logistical knowledge.
  • A better insight into E-commerce can be opened up through these courses. You will be learning the holes and nooks while engaged in E-commerce.
  • Your business skills will be brushed up as a whole. This will help you recognize potential customers, engage them and drive more business easily.
  • Another important lesson to be learned from digital marketing classes online are the ways to engage local customers, even when aiming globally.
  • Digital marketing course free online can fundamentally change your views on marketing and help you get the maximum out of a website.

Companies Offering Online Marketing Certifications

Few global companies have started to conduct online classes for digital marketing. They are making sure that the courses are delivered free of cost for everyone who is in need. There are paid courses as well (see more here), but the free courses keep the path much wider. Google is one such globally established firm, providing a chance for many to attend classes on digital marketing. It basically shows the importance of this field as we go forward on the highway of technology. You are given an opportunity to be equipped with the finest methodologies in digital marketing. Entrepreneurs are equally in need of knowledge in this field that they can become aware of the highs and lows. Thus they can plan and move ahead with their projects with much more confidence.

Certification: The courses are not simply implemented with no outcome other than the knowledge. They even make the student certified in the field with valid proficiencies. This is something that can even add to the value of your curriculum vitae. Time spent on an online digital marketing course can be useful for your business and for your future in the digital sector. The digital marketing certification can be added to your LinkedIn and other profiles that people get an idea of the deep understanding you have in the field. If you are only doing it for the sake of knowledge, know better, this can even give you a better position at work.

Here are few of the top online digital marketing courses available online for free:

Google Digital Garage- Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

Google Digital garage

One of the pioneers in today’s digital sector, Google has opened a wonderful opportunity for many who are interested in perusing free digital marketing courses online. The courses are absolutely free and the certification is much valued all around the world. This is getting the interest of many people globally and is rated as the top free online spot for digital marketing. A Google certification can simply bring a noticeable change in your career. The course covers everything from the fundamentals of digital marketing to the analytics and logistics of the field.

Once the course is completed, you will be well equipped to use Google and other search engines as your playground for digital marketing. You can be adept in finding the right digital marketing route, plans, and practices that can grow your business, etc. The Google online marketing challenge is something that has prompted many to take these classes. The challenge is made much more effective with $250 offered by Google.

The participant is expected to use the money for an online advertisement campaign. The success of the campaign becomes the basis of further support from Google. Google’s digital marketing course also makes you an expert with Google AdWords, the current trend in the online marketing industry. This will further make you eligible to attend the partnership certification exams with Google AdWords. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before signing up for the online digital marketing course.

  • You need to have your own Google account
  • Then you need to join Google Partner
  • Click ‘certifications’ and then ‘See Exams’

From this point, you will be redirected to select the Digital Marketing Course type. There are about 10 types of courses available from this link. One of these is the fundamental digital marketing course. Other courses include Adwords Fundamentals, Advertising courses (Mobile, display, search, shopping, and video), Analytics course, Business course, and Tools course.

Let us take a look into the requirements for anyone to apply for the online digital marketing course by Google:

  • Entrepreneurs: These are the people who need the immediate use of digital marketing. They can make the most out of this course while building up the marketing of businesses. This will also make it easier for business owners and entrepreneurs to assess the right crowd of customers, plan out the right strategies and improve their businesses. Besides the online course can give them space to implement other duties as well, without any hindrance.
  • Professionals in the field of marketing: People who are already equipped with the knowledge and expertise for marketing can widen their horizon with an online digital marketing course. This will keep them updated and upfront to keep up with the changing technologies.
  • Graduates: Students who are attending graduate courses at regular colleges can try out this course. Those who are interesting in marketing and moreover in digital marketing can avail the opportunity. This will equip them to earn while they study. The certification is an added benefit to the knowledge acquired.

This can also be availed by people who are employed but looking for a change. The change of position at their current company or a change of field altogether. This course can be scheduled according to their comfort. The certification can add to the value of their CV and improve their skills to attend new interviews.

The Fundamentals of digital marketing course by Google has a syllabus with 26 modules. These are further divided into 7 sections. Each section deals with different topics related to digital marketing. From the lessons to building a good online platform to a lesson on implementing your marketing on a global level. These sections have relevant ‘how to’ topics and important tools required to improve your digital marketing strategy.

Google Analytics Academy:

Besides the marketing techniques and strategies, a good online marketer should also be aware of the necessary analysis that needs to be done for a smooth progression of the business. Google’s academy for analytics has a number of courses from an introduction for beginners to analytics for power users.

The course for beginners is divided into four different units. It makes you equipped enough to deal with the tracking code, data filters, dashboards, etc. The course has units dealing with campaigns and reports. Google analytics 360 is a course that will equip you in unsampled reports, custom tables, etc. Another important feature of this course is teaching based on real-life examples. There are about 7 units in this course and would take about 4-6 hours for completion.

For receiving the certificate, it is necessary to complete the beginner’s course and the advanced Google analytics course. Google is making a relevant presence in the online course sector with its valued certification and good syllabus. Make the best use of this opportunity.

Google Academy for Ads:

This is Google’s provision to make you adept in the field of digital advertisements. It has the facility of being available for training at any time of your convenience. You can access the courses from any device available with you. There are about 6 different courses available.

It is the platform for demonstrating your expertise and it can also be the way to partner with Google. This can boost your business growth in a very rapid way. There are basic and intermediate lessons that can aid in creating and managing display campaigns.

All these are related to displaying campaigns and hence is very important in today’s scenario. All the courses have assessment tests which will further make them fit to be receiving the official certification from Google.

HubSpot Academy:

Hubspot Academy

Established in the year 2006, HubSpot is a software developing and marketing company. They provide effective tools for all kinds of digital marketing, content management, search optimizations, etc. The HubSpot academy is yet another provision from the team. This helps in teaching marketing techniques freely to users around the globe. The program also provides a highly valuable certificate for those who complete the courses.

The major highlight of HubSpot academy are the professors who they introduce. Many influential and experienced people from around the world conduct the classes for the various courses available. The result of attending Hubspot academy’s online classes would be the solid base in digital marketing, strategies, and outcome.

They offer a variant of online marketing courses for different platforms. The marketing course for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc are introduced as different sections. ‘The Content Marketing Strategy’ course would be the one preferred by those who are looking for in-depth knowledge of Digital marketing. There are 11 lessons in this course, which are taught in 32 videos. The lessons each deal with several important topics in digital marketing, like generating effective ideas for content, understanding the entire strategy in a long term point of view, etc. The latter part of videos deals with topics like promotions, analytics, developments, etc. Very efficient individuals who are adept in the field, like Sujan Patel, Justin Champion, and Lindsay Thibeault are among the many awesome teachers.

An important feature of HubSpot videos is the time frame. Most of the videos are less than 30 minutes. This can help the users in managing their schedule accordingly. Just like in the case of Google’s online courses, HubSpot is also used by people from different backgrounds. Most of the users are part-time learners. This can hence be a very pliable option for people who are looking for a certified course in digital marketing.

Each lesson in HubSpot’s online course is accompanied by a quiz. The result of this course will be:

  • the ability to create a consistent framework of content
  • changing and redesigning content to give a different meaning
  • adjusting your website’s content into one that will be searched and accepted by users
  • Search engine favored content creation.

Even though the course is available for free to everyone around the globe, the quality of their material and value of the certificate is high.

Alison Free Diploma:


Alison is an online educational platform developed in 2007. It is mainly focused on developing workplace-based skills for users. It has about 1000 courses that offer users valuable certificates and diplomas. Their digital marketing course helps in creating business promotion through brand awareness, search engine optimization, etc. Alison offers about 7 online digital marketing courses. They have specific courses for Google Adwords and Analytics. This is one way of particularly focusing the pioneering search engine in digital marketing. It is a free course that can be accessed by users from around the world.

Unlike Google’s online courses, Alison mainly focuses on business owners to increase their knowledge and expertise in digital marketing. It can give detailed discourses in the learning tools of digital marketing. Alison’s courses focus on promotion plans, conversion rates, etc. The basic methods like the choice of effective Keywords, creation of proper landing pages and advertisements that can be used in the successful promotion of your content.

Alison’s courses are completely free of all kinds of cost. Anyone has the option to register and study different courses under the head of Digital Marketing. But the learner needs to achieve at least 80% in the assessment of every course selected. This is will help you in acquiring a Certificate from Alison. The certificate from Alison is of much value and will be a good addition to your CV. Alison even offers different versions of your certificate. They can give you a normal certificate sent to you through the post, a digital certificate in PDF format or a framed certificate from the company itself. The physical versions both have security-marking from Alison. The profile created in Alison will be updated with all the necessary details. Hence it would be enough for submission to any future employer or client.

Each course has a number of modules included in them and each module is comprised of different topics.

Duration of Online Digital Marketing Courses

These courses all come with a time frame of their own. It is set in a way such that you would not need to spend much time for the course. Mostly they follow the pattern of starting and finishing in the required time frame on a particular day. The test would also follow each module completed. This can help in scoring better marks than in the case of tests conducted at the end of the entire course.

Google’s online digital marketing course on ‘Fundamentals in Digital Marketing’, is said to require about 40 hours in total. This is to complete about 26 modules in the course. The 40 hours is found to be split into small pockets of 2 lessons in 15 minutes or similar pattern. In the case of HubSpot, an 11 lesson course requires 4 hours for completion. As we discussed earlier, the videos in HubSpot is of short duration and hence the very minimal time required for course completion. The online digital marketing course in Alison with 4 modules containing 19 topics altogether requires only 1-2 hours for completion. This will be followed by an assessment paper.

Thus you got an idea on the online digital marketing courses available freely for any user around the world. The article introduced you to 3 of the major companies that deal with effective courses on the topic. You are given the privilege of learning from effective teams from the field in a comfortable time. The courses are not simply made available, you are also provided with valid certifications. But just like in the case of any learning, your expertise in the field can only be improved by hands-on experience.

Hence, reign yourself with a well-set course in digital marketing and widen your horizon in this ever-growing field.

John Fernandis
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