Developing Advanced Link Building Strategies Using Google Search Operators

Link Building Strategies

While Google is the land of opportunities for online marketers, it isn’t the same as it used to be a few years back. It has now become way more stringent against low-quality SEO tactics, a move that has been pushing marketers to develop advanced link building strategies that work more effectively while also being safe.

And Google search operators can help make this task easier for you. Let’s find out how.

Replicating Backlinks

Replicating the backlinks of your competitors can be a great way to get some decent links right off the bat without having to put in a lot of effort.

All you need to do is use the search operator below: –

And you may be able to find the links your competitor has built so that you can do that as well for your site.

Guest Post

Guest posts are one of the most important components of an advanced SEO strategy. They mean making a post on a site relevant to your site and linking to your site from the post.

This works well as it helps you get high-quality links from sites in your niche.

You can find guest post opportunities in your niche using the search operators mentioned below:

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “write for us”

Keyword “guest blog”

Keyword “become a contributor”

The “keyword” obviously needs to be relevant to your site’s niche. Similarly, you can also use your competitor’s name in these search operators to find the sites where your competitor has managed to make a guest post on.

Resource Pages

Resource pages are typically a list of all useful resources in a niche, linking out to all the sites mentioned on them as a resource. They can be easy to get a link from, as long as your content is truly useful and you manage to reach out to many of the webmasters managing different resource pages.

To find them, these search operators will come in handy:

Keyword “top 10 resources”/”top 10 resources”

Keyword “top 10 sites”/”top sites”

Keyword “top 10 websites”/”top websites”

Keyword “useful resources”/”suggested resources”/”recommended resources”

If you don’t have much success with these, you can use the many others mentioned in the infographic.

List Sites

There are list sites or online directories that you can get a link from as well. They won’t help you much with the rankings, but can help a bit and also work well for diversifying your link profile, which is considered to be an important part of an SEO strategy these days.

You can easily find them using the following search operators:

Keyword “add a site”/”submit a site”/”submit site”/”recommend site”/”suggest a site”

And of course, the many others listed in the infographic.

Donation Links

Many non-profit organizations link out to the sites of their donors. This can be a good way to get general but high-quality backlinks, although you do need some budget for it as you have to make donations to them.

Search operators to use:

Keyword (On for the US)

Keyword (On for the UK)

Keyword (On for India)

And the list goes on.

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