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Google algorithms

Before understanding Google algorithms, it is important to know what are the algorithms? Generally, an algorithm is a set of rules that are used in solving problems in a step that has been defined. Now, Google algorithm is no different, it follows the exact same rule but it frequently changes along with time. Google has developed a complex algorithm for searching. Though it is still not public, few elements are there that will impact your search. These are:

  • The way the keywords appear on your content page, tags of meta description, and the tags for the header.
  • The performance of your website on the mobile
  • The ranking of your website in SERP
  • The backlinks that are organic to your site

The major updates of Google Algorithm:

  1. Google Panda: launched on 24th February 2011, Google Panda is one of the important updates as its work is to examine properly the website based on the quality of the content. If your pages contain content of a higher quality then you will be rewarded a higher position, whereas bad quality will pull you down. A score for the quality is assigned to your webpage and this further acts as a factor for ranking in SERP.
  2. Google Penguin: this update launched on 24th April 2012 targets those websites that do cloaking, and use other spam methods. If your website is bad and contains spam links, then you are on the hit list. To get rid of penguin, remove spam links and maintain a regular backlink audit of the website.
  3. Google Hummingbird: introduced to the world on 22nd August 2013 it is marked as the change in the history of Google algorithms. It primarily aids in making the search results relevant by turning the interactions more human. You can overcome the effect by expanding the research of the keywords and paying attention to the concept.
  4. Google Pigeon: this update effects on those websites that have the page old SEO with on and off. Launched in the year 2014 on 24th July. As a user, you must start focusing on investing in off page SEO.
  5. Mobilegeddon: a friendly update whose work is to check the user-friendly attitude of your website towards mobile users. Launched on 21st April 2015, your website requires to follow certain steps to be mobile friendly and the pages need to be optimized.

Google algorithms have developed dramatically in the last few years, and presently it relies on more than 200 signals that enable you as a user to search the exact thing that you are looking for on the internet. This process initiates with crawling and putting an index on the webpage for which Google and also the other search engines have devised their personal robots commonly known as ‘Googlebot’. These robots generally move from one page of your content to another to examine your content and crawling.

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