7 Phrases You Should Use on Facebook Updates to Drive Engagement

How to Drive Engagement on Facebook

Do you know, a small text change on your Facebook copy can increase your engagement by many folds. This is quite true when it comes to Facebook marketing. The challenge is to understand which words can provide you with you more likes, love, share, and comments. If you are thinking about how to drive engagement on Facebook, the 7 strong phrases mentioned below will answer your question.

  1. How To

If you are looking for a particular solution for quite some time then this type of post will surely attract you. Also by nature, humans are curious creatures who keep on hunting for activities that they have not done. This is the reason you will find many posts beginning with the word ‘How to’ on the internet. Starting your Facebook with the phrase ‘how to’ is a good way to gain attention.

  1. Learn Why

‘Learn Why’ is another great phrase to attract your audience by creating a suspense. Posts beginning with this type of phrase motivates knowledge seekers to engage with your content. But you need to add relevant content otherwise it may increase your website’s bounce rate.

  1. Check it out

As a marketer, I am sure this will be one of your most favorite phrases and effective too. It is a straightforward and simple call to action that encourages people to take instant action. You may want your audience to check offer details or read a blog post. Yes for all these scenarios, Check it out is a most appropriate phrase.

  1. The Most

Every one of us wants to gain knowledge regarding superlative things example; The strongest man on earth, or the tallest building etc. People are fascinated by the word extreme and tend to click on links to quench their thirst. So if you create posts beginning with the phrase ‘the most’, you will surely able to gain some attention.

  1. Get Exclusive

Most of us want to know something that others don’t which is part of human nature. Most of us love the feeling of knowing something or having access to something that not everyone does not have. So posts like ‘get an exclusive discount for all members of golf club’ is a motivating post to click on.

  1. Would You?

‘Would you ever try these 7 most strange dishes’ This type of post brings your Facebook audience into action. It is something like a kind of challenge that you are asking your audience to dare try it.

  1. Will Surprise You

We all love surprises and to unlock the surprise! Posts that contain elements of surprise are more effective in generating clicks, shares, and comments. You can develop some blogs on a unique subject matter and posts those on your Facebook page. You can share videos with a title like. This Video will give you a surprising shock’.


As Facebook has become one of the prime modes of digital marketing which every brand wants to utilize. It is necessary to understand the fundamentals of increasing engagement. It is not uncommon to find businesses using the likes of social media sites like Facebook to help them to engage with more potential clients, as well as existing customers. However, sometimes they may not have enough time in their schedules to put aside for working on this area and so that is why many of them decide to get in touch with someone similar to this internet marketing company Los Angeles who will be able to focus on this type of digital marketing to help them to drive more traffic towards their company. Some people prefer to do this themselves though. The above-mentioned phrases will help you to make your audience active by liking, commenting and sharing your Facebook posts. If you can think of some other good phrases, then please share in the comment section. We would love to get your suggestions.

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