13 Proven Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

ways to increase website traffic

It’s all a cycle, you see. Companies want greater revenue, for which they need customers. To have a customer list, they need more leads. In order to get more leads, they need more visitors. The bottom line being, how can you have more visitors? For more visitors, what you need is more traffic on your website.

To help you attract huge traffic to your website which is both qualified and conversion oriented, we have a set of tricks. Below mentioned are 13 ways to increase traffic to your website, which can also help you reach your desired goals-

1. Paid Endorsements

Obviously, if you have a new company, product or service you will have to advertise it well so as to build brand awareness. Now, there are many ways to go about it, for example physical methods like handing out Custom Water bottles with your brand on them, or building awareness online with paid searches, PPC (pay-per-click) or banner ads. These can serve as superb ways of increasing brand awareness. Now, you would have to set a budget for yourself and invest only in those channels which complement your objective. Do not overspend on these Ads as it might bring in trouble for you later by burning your budget. A small business which has established recently can make use of Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Podcasts.

Now, you just don’t want to increase traffic to your website, you want relevant & qualified traffic. For this, you need to do search intent. Search intent is basically when you find out about the ultimate goal you wish to achieve and use the keywords, accordingly.
This can be tricky and expensive but is likely to bring results immediately.

2. Social Media Promotions

Social Media

Even if you produce great content, or have a great product, nobody will buy it until they know about it. For that, you need to promote it massively. Promotions can be done through various social media channels. However, statistics suggest that more than 1 in 3 Internet users say they go to social media networks when looking for more information about a brand or product.

However, you should not promote your brand on a single platform. There are various platforms which serve different purposes. For example, Twitter is meant for short and snappy links, whereas Instagram is useful for showing images of your goods. In the beginning, the suggestion is to focus on one channel and analyze how much it is helping you. If it does not work, go to the next one and analyze results from there as well.

3. Use Appealing Titles, Everywhere

The first thing which a person views about any kind of content on your website is its title. The title of your content can either make or break your content. The title has to be attractive enough so that people are engaged with it in a perfect manner. It’s like judging a book by its cover, but it’s a practice most people follow. So, no matter how great the content is, people will only read if it starts well. You need to be good at it or learn it, eventually. A few tips for an eye-catching title would be to keep it short, accurate, visual and out-there. A title can really influence your retention rates, so, think twice before publishing.

4. Focus on On-Page SEO

on page SEO

If you think optimizing your content for search engines isn’t of a use today, you need to think again. SEO is still a practice adopted by many and can really boost how often you appear in the search engines results page. Additionally, SEO isn’t a daunting task to do. Just make sure your title tag contains a keyword, leverage SEO-friendly URLs, make responsive design and you are good to go ahead. Since SEO plays a crucial role in boosting your website traffic, it is always fruitful to learn digital marketing to have a strong command over SEO. In fact, SEO is so important in the present day that there are endless agencies that specialize in helping businesses improve their SEO. This can make it difficult to choose the right one to help your business. It’s probably best to keep it local – if you are looking for Winston Salem SEO agencies then follow the link for some help on what to look out for.

5. Start Writing & Posting Guest Blogs

There might be innumerable articles stating that guest blogging is dead. Well, it isn’t. You should just know where to and where not to guest post. Reputed sites with massive traffic can actually increase traffic on your landing page. But before posting, make sure that you read the guidelines of the website properly. Check whether the website is credible and do not just post anything anywhere.

If you have actually posted top-quality content, you can expect relevant traffic coming to your website. Even if your traffic doesn’t boost too much, don’t give up yet. A new startup/company can actually gain online authority by guest posting and if the website is fit for your niche, you may produce high-quality leads as well. Now, guest blogging is a give-and-take process. The way you can post on others’ blogs, you should allow people of your niche to guest post as well. They would share the link and this might bring in more readers to your website.

6. Post Content on Mediums like Quora & Linkedin

People often choose to ignore the fact that Linkedin allows you to post content as well. It is a huge pool full of professionals who might just read your content as well.
However, the key is to stay consistent. This can also help to increase traffic to your website and can also boost brand awareness & authority. This might also be helpful for collaborations and influencer marketing as well.

Quora is also a publishing platform, just like Linkedin. It has 10 Million users who can receive notifications about your answers (if they are good enough) and you can also ask questions and gain opinions from a specific target audience. Quora is still evolving as a leading platform, so you still have time to increase the quality of your profile and answers.

7. Internal Linking

While guest blogging can serve as beneficial for generating backlinks for your website. But these aren’t enough. The internal linking structure of your website also provides with you with ample opportunities to attract more website traffic. So, whenever one is creating and publishing content they should focus on the internal links as well. This is also one of the best tricks for SEO optimization. Along with that, internal links at appropriate places can enhance user experience and further, help in retention rates.

8. Interview Industry Icons

There is often a misconception that interviews can only be done when you have an established name in the industry or have loads of money to spend. However, in reality, conducting interviews can really be easy and inexpensive. Interviewing people belonging to your niche and posting that on social media and your website can make your brand more recognized and authoritative.

For conducting interviews, just shortlist the icons you wish to target. Contact them on social media or through e-mails. It might just work out for you. Further, make sure you publish videos or photos and tell the influencer to do the same. This way the fan base of the influencer might reach your website, increasing the brand awareness and traffic.

9. Don’t Forget the Traditional Methods

As there is a new trend in the digital world every second day, companies usually ignore the traditional methods of marketing. You shouldn’t be doing the same. Content Marketing and Video Marketing are the trends of today but E-mail marketing can help you as well in generating qualified website traffic.
To start with email marketing, you need to prepare a subscriber list and keep your landing page and social media linked to every mail you send. Then, after you have established a healthy list, start segmenting emails according to the interest of your target audience.

Just make sure you don’t spam too often. Then, monitor your results and improve accordingly. Also, another traditional method is word-of-mouth marketing. One recent Neilsen study revealed that 92% of the customers trust a referral from family or friends more than any other kind of referral. Though, satisfied customers can themselves become your brand evangelists, asking them to do the same does no harm. Studies suggest that people have no issues in giving reviews when asked for the same. So, what are you waiting for? Grab some testimonials and use them to your advantage.

10. Make Your Website Quick & Responsive

responsive website

Everything around is evolving every day due to digitalization. People rarely purchase and use desktop PCs for browsing. Mostly, it’s their mobile phones now. So, making a website isn’t enough, you need to make it easy to use for both PC and mobile users. If the mobile users have to constantly zoom in and out, they are most likely to exit and go to another site. You need to ensure that your website is easily accessible and viewable across all available devices. Also, the content you create should be easily shareable. This might help in your content to go viral in the future.

Another thing that is evolving is the attention span. It’s becoming shorter each day. People are losing the patience to wait for too long, so make sure your website’s loading speed is high. You would not want your bounce rates to be high. To make your load speed faster, you should technically optimize all your pages. This optimization includes the image file sizes, the page structure and the functionality of third-party plugins. The fewer people have to wait, the better.

11. Analyze Your Data Regularly

Analysis of your data really helps in formulating key strategies. The analysis helps you know what works and what doesn’t work for you. If any post of yours is really popular, focus on what might have made it shine out. If there exists a specific page with a lot of traffic, put in the same efforts for the other pages as well. Google Analytics is an invaluable source of data which produces data for every aspect of your site. You should use this data well to take decisions and also, get to know where your site traffic is coming from.

12. Incorporate Videos Into Your Marketing Strategy

Everybody would prefer a 30-second video over a 100-page PDF. Videos are engaging and attractive. They are liked by both Google and the visitors. People are likely to understand and retain more from a video than text. And you obviously want them to remember your brand. They are also more shareable and are likely to go viral. Make sure that you launch product videos for all your products and add an emotional appeal to it.

13. Know Your Competitors

Every company wishes to be one step ahead of others. For this, doing your competitive analysis is extremely crucial. This can also help you to know what’s popular and trending. Furthermore, this can help you outperform others and match the kind of content they want. As a result, this can bring greater traffic to your site. Software like BuzzSumo can be really helpful. This can give you an insight into what your competitors are up to and give you a huge advantage.

Following the above tips, you can boost your website traffic and get quality leads. You can leave your comments in the section below.

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