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John Fernandis Staff asked 5 months ago

How to promote a blog on Instagram?

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John Fernandis Staff answered 5 months ago

Instagram is a good tool to gain the attention of readers to your blog. In fact, it acts as a great bridge between what your blog represents and the readers. You can promote a blog on Instagram by sharing its link in the biography and add it in the description of your post, each time you update it.
You should use a nice picture that goes with the main idea of your blog content. Your blog should have a good content as the main objective is to direct users to your blog not to keep them on your Instagram profile. When you think of promoting your blog through Instagram, do not reveal the complete content of your blog in your Instagram profile. You should maintain some secrecy and just add only the glimpse of your blog content otherwise no one will visit your blog.
Instagram is growing popular day by day and most marketers want to promote their content through Instagram.